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Ultrasonic reactor for biodiesel

Ultrasonic reactor for biodiesel
Ultrasonic reactor for biodiesel
Ultrasonic reactor for biodiesel  also named High-power ultrasonic sound chemical processing system ,which is widely used in biodiesel refining,mixed,chemical mixed,food ,etc. they can speed up the reaction to save much time for you.

Ultrasonic Reactor of  components and special driving power and the reaction kettle of three main parts: ultrasonic vibration high-power ultrasonic transducer, including the horns, tool (emission head), is used to produce the ultrasonic vibration and vibration energy in the liquid. The input power transducer will convert energy, i.e. ultrasonic. Its form is made in the longitudinal slip back transducer, amplitude in motion a few microns. Such amplitude is not enough, and power density directly use. According to the design of ultrasonic transformers, isolation reaction to enlarge amplitude transducer, also solution and the ultrasonic vibration system has fixed. Tools and horns, decreasing vibration transmitted ultrasonic energy will head, again by the tool tool head will launch ultrasonic energy to chemical reaction liquid.

Ultrasonic reactor for biodiesel:
1、frequency range:15KHz ~ 60 KHz。
2、usually frequency:20kHz
3、unit power:1000W、1100w,1200w,1300w ,1500W、2000W,also can be used for parallel connection
4、Head tool material:Stailess Steel,Titanium,also would like custom for our user。
5、Ultrasonic vibration parts size: Φ160mm×800mm
6、Ultrasonic vibration parts weight:12 kg
7、 Driver: analog power, power supply, frequency control type of automatic tracking, flowing pressure protection, adjustable power size.
8 、Driving power typical size:350×250×120mm
9、 Driving power typical weight:18 kg

Working frequency
Max power
Handling capacity L/h
Production linecan be used in combination
reaction tank
15L20L35Lstainless steel 
allow pressure
max≥5 MPa
allow temperature
 Ultrasonic reactor for biodiesel
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