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Ultrasonic algicide equipment and Ultrasonic Algae Control

Ultrasonic algicide equipment and Ultrasonic Algae ControlUltrasonic algicide equipment and Ultrasonic Algae Control
Principle: the specific frequency ultrasonic Sasser, acting on the rupture of the outer wall of the algae and death in order to achieve the eradication of the algae balance the purpose of the water environment and ecology.
Ultrasound is an elastic mechanical wave of physical media, is a poly genus, orientation, and reflectance, transmission and other characteristics of the physical form of energy. Produce mechanical effects of ultrasound in water, thermal effects, cavitation, pyrolysis and free radical effects, acoustic streaming effect, mass transfer effects and thixotropic effect, ultrasonic algae removal technology mainly machinery and cavitation effects to generate algae mention broken The role of cell killing or growth inhibition.

Type Power(W) Radiation range(meter) Power line(meter)
UCE-G50W 50W 0-30 5
UCE-G100W 100W 0-50 10
Ultrasonic algicide equipment and Ultrasonic Algae Control
The ultrasonic particle alternately compressed and expanded spread caused by mechanical action, thermal effects and sound stream role of the algae cells rupture, breaking the chemical bonds in the molecules of matter. Simultaneously located in the cavitation can be present in the micro-bubble in the liquid suddenly closed after rapid expansion, to produce a shock wave and the jet, and can destroy the biofilm and the nucleus of the physical structure and conformation.

Algal cells having a balloon, the role of the cavitation effect, the balloon is broken, resulting in algal cells lost the ability to control floating water vapor at high temperature and under high pressure into the cavitation bubble to generate OH radicals and the hydrophilic less volatile organics and the cavitation bubbles in the oxidation reaction was conducted in the gas-liquid interface; hydrophobic, volatile organic compounds into the cavitation bubbles similar combustion pyrolysis reaction.

Ultrasonic can thixotropic effect caused by a combination of a change of state of the biological tissue, resulting in the cell fluid thinning, cytoplasmic precipitate.
Ultrasonic algicide equipment and Ultrasonic Algae Control
Above role, the ultrasonic can cause a series of biological effects. The example makes Filaments fracture while ultrasonic cavitation effect by degradation of other organic pollutants and algae toxins. Destroyed the structure and function of phycobilisomes low intensity ultrasound algal process, interfere with chlorophyll synthesis pathway, so as to achieve the purpose of inhibiting the growth of algae.

Ultrasonic algicide instrument consists of: generator, transmitter, and cable.
Ultrasonic algicide equipment and Ultrasonic Algae Control

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