Our business revolves around the ultrasonic and piezoelectric industries; we are striving to provide our customers with excellent product services and solutions.


We Trust that UCE company will be come true the world wide brand name and your support is most importance and positive for us,Let’s go for Ultrasonic Industry


UCE Group

UCE company full name is Ultrasonic Components and Equipment who is one of leading company specialized in ultrasonic field located in Beijing,China. We are always committed to make the easy way for all of our user while they used ultrasonic,and do all necessary technology support. At UCE,Ultrasonic transducer,Ultrasonic generator,Ultrasonic cleaner,Piezoelectric ceramic ,ultrasonic reactor and ultrasonic equipment,High power sonochemical system are our main service purpose,the products are the best quality with best price,also excellent sale service for you always. We exported to Europe,Americ...


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ultrasonic spot welder handheld 28khz/30khz/40khz

The principle of ultrasonic spot welding machine: Ultrasound manual welding machine transfers ultras...

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Advantages and characteristics of ultrasonic spot welding machine: 1. Optimize hot welding defects (...

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ultrasonic plastic spot welding 28khz/40khz

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