Over the past 20 years, Shanghai has seized the historical opportunity brought about by China's reform and opening-up and rapid economic development, adhered to the concept of "people-oriented, honest and win-win" development, won the respect and trust of customers and the community, from a small private enterprise based in Zhuji, China, with an initial capital of only 3 million yuan, from simple Processing enterprises to complex groups, multi-cross-border, with outstanding talent and leading technology, dedicated to solving the most challenging issues, will focus on products to the community and people's concern, but also to responsibility, integrity-based, with industry matrix, leading the way.

Enterprises are the public instruments of society and are responsible for the world. Do not seek a global, insufficient to seek a field; not for the future, enough to stand now; don't take pity on others, are insufficient to help. Therefore, Hai Liang is deeply grateful to deal with the relationship with "employees, suppliers, customers, government, the public, the environment" seriously, so that the development of Shanghai benefits more people.