Piezoceramic Tubes PZT Material

Piezoelectric ceramics, which convert external forces into electrical energy, can produce piezoelect...


Piezoelectric ceramics, which convert external forces into electrical energy, can produce piezoelectric igniters, mobile X-ray power supplies, and projectile detonators. Using two piezoelectric ceramic pillars 3 mm in diameter and 5 mm in height instead of ordinary flint, a gas electronic lighter can be made that can be continuously lighted tens of thousands of times. Using piezoelectric ceramics to convert electrical energy into ultrasonic vibration can be used to explore the position and shape of underwater fish, non-destructive metal detection, ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic medical treatment, can also be made into a variety of ultrasonic cutters, welding devices and soldering iron, plastic and even metal processing.
The piezoelectric ceramics are sensitive to external forces so that they can even sense the air disturbance caused by flying insects'flapping wings more than a dozen meters away and convert extremely weak mechanical vibrations into electrical signals. This characteristic of piezoelectric ceramics can be used in sonar system, weather detection, telemetry environmental protection, household appliances and so on.
Submarine diving into the deep sea is equipped with sonar systems called underwater scouts. It is an indispensable equipment for underwater navigation, communication, reconnaissance of enemy ships, sweeping enemy mine laying, and a powerful tool for developing marine resources. It can detect fish swarms, explore seabed topography and landforms. In this sonar system, there are a pair of bright "eyes" - piezoelectric ceramic underwater transducer. When the acoustic signal emitted by the underwater acoustic transducer touches a target, it will produce a reflection signal. The reflection signal is received by another receiving underwater acoustic transducer, and then the target is found. At present, piezoelectric ceramics are one of the better materials for making underwater acoustic transducers.
In medicine, a doctor places a piezoelectric ceramic probe on the body's examination site, sends out an ultrasonic wave after electrification, and sends it back to the body when it touches the body's tissues, then receives the echo and displays it on a fluorescent screen, so the doctor can understand the internal condition of the body.
In industry, there are piezoelectric ceramic elements in the geological detector, which can be used to judge the geological condition of the stratum and find out the underground mineral deposits. There is also a transformer in the TV - voltage ceramic transformer, which is smaller in size, lighter in weight, with an efficiency of 60%-80%. It can withstand 30,000 volts of high voltage, keep the voltage stable, and completely eliminate the defect of blurring and distortion of TV images.
In the space field, piezoelectric gyroscopes made of piezoelectric ceramics are the rudders of spacecraft and satellites flying in space. Depending on the "rudder", the spacecraft and satellites can ensure their established position and route. The small and exquisite piezoelectric gyroscope has high sensitivity and good reliability.
Piezoceramic Tubes PZT MaterialPiezoceramic Tubes PZT MaterialPiezoceramic Tubes PZT Material
Piezoceramic Tubes PZT Material

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