Submersible ultrasonic cleaner 28khz/40khz

Compared with the traditional self-excitation control technology, it has the advantages of small siz...


Compared with the traditional self-excitation control technology, it has the advantages of small size, light weight, strong power, stable and reliable operation, continuous adjustable power and flexible control. Frequency automatic tracking ensures that the machine is in the best working state from beginning to end, and can maximize the potential of ultrasonic transducers. It also has perfect protection function, overcurrent protection, overheating protection and output short circuit protection. Real time digital display, working frequency and ultrasonic output power are more intuitive. Equipped with remote control port, it can be applied to fully automatic production line.
Features of ultrasonic vibration board:
All stainless steel structure, acid and alkali resistant, beautiful and durable.
Separate structure is adopted, high frequency connection with socket is adopted between vibration plate and ultrasonic generator, which is convenient to use and maintain.
The installation arrangement is flexible and can be made into three types according to different needs: bottom shock type, side shock type and top shock type to meet different cleaning requirements.
The advantages of ultrasonic plate are easy to maintain.
Type Diamention(mm) Frequency (Khz) Power(W) Ultrasonic Transducer
UCE-UITP300W 300*190*100 25,28,33,40,80,130 300 6
UCE-UITP600W 360*275*100 25,28,33,40,80,130 600 12
UCE-UITP1000W 450*350*100 25,28,33,40,80,130 1000 20
UCE-UITP1200W 470*380*100 25,28,33,40,80,130 1200 24
UCE-UITP1500W 520*450*100 25,28,33,40,80,130 1500 30
UCE-UITP1800W 560*450*100 25,28,33,40,80,130 1800 36
UCE-UITP2000W 650*450*100 25,28,33,40,80,130 2000 40
UCE-UITP2400W 740*520*100 25,28,33,40,80,130 2400 48
UCE-UITP3000W 820*540*100 25,28,33,40,80,130 3000 60
UCE-UITP5000W 1200*590*100 25,28,33,40,80,130 5000 100
OEM Ultrasonic Immersible Transducer Pack(Size, Frequency,Power) 

immersible ultrasonic transducers
immersible ultrasonic transducers
submersible ultrasonic cleaner 28khz/40khzsubmersible ultrasonic cleaner 28khz/40khz

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