Ultrasonic Beauty Transducer 40khz/60W

Beauty ultrasonic transducer utilizes 40 kHz low-frequency sound wave to emit a strong shock...


Beauty ultrasonic transducer utilizes 40 kHz low-frequency sound wave to emit a strong shock on adipocytes, effectively deal with the stubborn thick stearic fatty group. According to the principle of "hole phenomenon", an implosion effect is formed in the cell tissues, and the alternation of positive and negative pressures makes the pressure inside and outside the adipocyte membrane unevenly and naturally explode. Focused intense waves have a thermodynamic effect that is absorbed by subcutaneous tissues and converted into heat energy by strong vibrations, thereby raising the temperature of fat, slowly dissolving the deep fat globules into a liquid state, and then being excreted through the lymphatic system along with the metabolic process, reducing the volume of fat cells and reducing the number of fat cells. Through the low frequency vibration of strong sound wave, the best local and systemic weight loss effect can be achieved. The vibration of strong sound wave produces a strong impact, producing alternate positive and negative pressure in each vibration cycle, making the adipocyte membrane subject to internal and external pressure. Through deep massage of various parts of the body, the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous fat layer to the direction. The pressure also breaks down collagen in the septal membrane and releases it to the skin, making the skin smooth and white. Through experiments, strong sound wave can effectively promote tissue metabolism, tighten the skin, enhance skin elasticity and so on. It can effectively treat intractable fat mass and orange peel fat. It uses the cavitation effect of strong sound wave to act on fat mass, break it down and be absorbed by lymphatic system, and expel it from the body. And the effect is lasting. At the same time, it can also enhance muscle elasticity and promote cell metabolism. The instrument has a strong negative pressure push fat and ultra-micro osmotic wave wall, suitable for multiple parts of the body, it can simultaneously output negative pressure activated cells and fat decomposition at the same time, fat cells were sucked by negative pressure real-time scattering, weight loss effect immediately see! No matter how thick the fat is, it can be completely eliminated, and losing pounds and inches will keep it from rebounding for a long time.
Type Length(mm) Weight(g) Frequency(KHz) Resonance Impedance
Static Capacity
Input Power(W)

Ultrasonic Beauty Transducer 40khz/60WUltrasonic Beauty Transducer 40khz/60WUltrasonic Beauty Transducer 40khz/60W

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