Ultrasonic plastic welder 15khz/20khz/28khz/40khz

Ultrasonic plastic welding machine 1. High stability: All-digital integrated circuits, using high-pe...


Ultrasonic plastic welding machine
1. High stability: All-digital integrated circuits, using high-performance anti-jamming processors imported from the United States, while reducing the number of components, simplifying the hardware structure, thereby improving the reliability of the system.
2. Frequency automatic tracking: Digital frequency synthesis technology combined with digital PLL frequency tracking compound control technology, can eliminate the temperature, static load, processing area, tool wear and other factors drift conventional analog regulator difficult to overcome the shortcomings, is conducive to parameter adjustment, easy to modify through the program software, easy to adjust The whole control scheme and the realization of various new control strategies.
3. Strong output: The use of IGBT power module and other excitation oscillation circuit structure, so that the output power is more than 1.5 times the traditional self-excited circuit.
4. Different welding parameters can be set up for storing 100 sets of dies. Find the best welding parameters of each set of die on the equipment and store them as a group. The corresponding group of storage parameters can be quickly and automatically adjusted to the best parameters when the next machine is adjusted.
5. Intelligent three protection and fault alarm prompt: mold current protection too high, frequency offset protection, total output too large protection. If the equipment breaks down, the generator will stop working immediately, and give the corresponding fault cause prompt, until the technical personnel troubleshooting.
6. Intelligent closed loop amplitude control technology to achieve amplitude adjustment, not affected by input power supply voltage and load fluctuations to maintain a constant amplitude output.
Type Power(W) Frequency (KHz)
UCE-UWM600W 600W 15KHZ/20KHZ/28KHZ/40KHZ
UCE-UWM900W 900W 15KHZ/20KHZ/28KHZ/40KHZ
UCE-UWM1000W 1000W 15KHZ/20KHZ/28KHZ/30KHZ
UCE-UWM1500W 1500W 15KHZ/20KHZ
UCE-UWM1800W 1800W 15KHZ/20KHZ
UCE-UWM2000W 2000W 15KHZ/20KHZ
UCE-UWM2600W 2600W 15KHZ
UCE-UWM3200W 3200W 15KHZ
UCE-UWM4200W 4200W 15KHZ

Ultrasonic plastic welder 15khz/20khz/28khz/40khzUltrasonic plastic welder 15khz/20khz/28khz/40khzUltrasonic plastic welder 15khz/20khz/28khz/40khz

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