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large industrial ultrasonic cleaner 2000W/3000W 40khz

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large industrial ultrasonic cleaner 2000W/3000W 40khz
Mainly applicable to:
Electronics, Hardware and Machinery Parts, etc.
Product characteristics:
The groove body is made of imported stainless steel, acid and alkali resistant, beautiful and generous in appearance.
Imported high quality high Q value transducer and unique ultrasonic generator are used to produce strong ultrasonic output.
The use of imported adhesive and unique bonding process from West Germany ensures that the transducer works at 100 water temperature for a long time and is durable.
Equipped with automatic temperature control heating device, temperature control range: normal temperature - 100 C.
Ultrasound generator and cylinder block integral structure,
Easy to use and maintain.
Ultrasound generator adopts the current international leading structure of other-excitation oscillation circuit. Compared with the traditional structure of self-excitation oscillation circuit, the output power of the ultrasonic generator is increased by more than 15%, and the potential of the transducer can be greatly exploited. Operating voltage AC220 + 10V. It has protective measures such as over-voltage, over-current and output short circuit. It has the functions of frequency fine-tuning and frequency automatic tracking, and can achieve good results under different working conditions. Drive the cleaning fluid to form a fine reflux, so that the workpiece dirt can be quickly removed from the workpiece surface while being stripped by ultrasound, and improve the cleaning efficiency. With the function of stepless power regulation, the output power can be adjusted continuously from 10% to 100% to meet the requirements of various cleaning objects.
UCE-1006ST 280×210×210 20,28,33,40,80,130 300 1000
UCE-1012ST 400×310×280 20,28,33,40,80,130 600 3000
UCE-1018ST 490×360×320 20,28,33,40,80,130 900 3000
UCE-1024ST 630×430×320 20,28,33,40,80,130 1200 4000
UCE-1030ST 630×530×320 20,28,33,40,80,130 1500 4000
UCE-1036ST 680×530×360 20,28,33,40,80,130 1800 5000
UCE-1040ST 680×570×400 20,28,33,40,80,130 2000 5000
UCE-1041ST 730×570×450 20,28,33,40,80,130 2400 6000
UCE-1042ST 790×670×510 20,28,33,40,80,130 3000 6000
UCE-1043ST 850×770×570 20,28,33,40,80,130 4000 7000
UCE-1044ST 910×820×620 20,28,33,40,80,130 5000 7000
UCE-1045ST 960×870×680 20,28,33,40,80,130 8000 8000
UCE-1046ST 1100×930×730 20,28,33,40,80,130 10000 8000
large industrial ultrasonic cleaner 2000W/3000W 40khz
large industrial ultrasonic cleaner 2000W/3000W 40khz

large industrial ultrasonic cleaner 2000W/3000W 40khz

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