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15khz/20khz ultrasonic welding generator for mask roller

2020-06-23 21:29 admin
15khz/20khz ultrasonic welding generator for mask roller
The welding principle of ultrasonic spot welding machine is to convert 50 / 60 Hz current into 15, 20, 30 or 40 kHz electric energy through ultrasonic generator. The converted high-frequency electric energy is converted into mechanical motion of the same frequency again through the transducer, and then the mechanical motion is transmitted to the welding head through a set of amplitude modulator device which can change the amplitude. The welding head transmits the received vibration energy to the joint of the workpiece to be welded. In this area, the vibration energy is converted into heat energy by friction, which melts the plastic. The short-term pressure maintained on the workpiece after the vibration stops makes the two weldments solidify in the form of molecular link. Generally, the welding time is less than 1 second, and the welding strength obtained is comparable to that of the body. Ultrasonic can be used not only to weld hard thermoplastic, but also to process fabrics and films. The main components of a set of ultrasonic welding system include ultrasonic generator, transducer / amplitude modulator / welding head triple group, mold and frame.           

Machine performance:           
1. The design of the machine is small, flexible and easy to operate.           
2. It can be used for welding plane, inner ear belt / outer ear belt, cup mask, duck mouth mask and other special-shaped masks.           
3. After the mask body is made, the ear band shall be welded manually. The operation is simple and the contact point is firm and beautiful. Skilled workers complete 10-12 pieces of mask ear band welding every minute.            characteristic:           
1. The ultrasonic spot welding machine adopts original transducer, stable output, high-quality component assembly, reliable performance, smart design and convenient operation. It is mainly suitable for the design of N95 mask (cup mask, dust mask, duck mouth mask, plane mask, etc.) ear band spot welding, with high production efficiency, simple operation, stable quality, etc;           
2. The design of double guide pillars can solve the problem of back tilt during welding;           
3. The operation is simple, the solder joint is firm and beautiful after welding, without damaging the material itself.
Type Power(W) Frequency (KHz) Voltage
All of machine are available for opening remote control function to connect with your own PLC system
UCE-WTI-100W 100W 28khz/40khz 110V or220V
UCE-WTI-300W 300W 28khz/40khz 110V or220V
UCE-WTI-500W 500W 15KHz/20khz/28khz/40khz 110V or220V
UCE-WTI-900W 900W 15KHz/20khz/28khz 110V or220V
UCE- WTI-1500W 1500W 15KHz/20khz 110V or220V
UCE- WTI-1800W 1800W 15KHz/20khz 220V
UCE- WTI-2000W 2000W 15KHz/20khz 220V
UCE- WTI-2600W 2600W 15KHz 220V
UCE- WTI-3200W 3200W 15KHz 220V
UCE- WTI-4200W 4200W 15KHz 220V

15khz/20khz ultrasonic welding generator for mask roller
15khz/20khz ultrasonic welding generator for mask roller

15khz/20khz ultrasonic welding generator for mask roller

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