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power adjustment ultrasonic generator 1000W/2000W

2018-09-25 15:28 admin
Product features
1, the phase shifted full bridge architecture can achieve excellent dynamic response characteristics. The auxiliary instantaneous power detection and control circuit can protect the transducer. Thoroughly solve the phenomenon of transducer chips, energy attenuation and so on.
2. Current Detection Circuit: Full-standard distribution current detection and control circuit, so that your ultrasonic can achieve a stable current (power) parameters, no matter in the medium temperature, depth, flow and other characteristics of the change or transducer natural aging and supply voltage changes. The error rate can be less than 2%.
3. Each machine has undergone more than 1600 tests. In addition to the technical specifications of each component, safety requirements, frequency, sweep width, load power, key device temperature, it also increases harmonic superposition, simulates load fire, simulates load characteristics changes and other rigorous tests. Ensure that each product achieves super high stability.
4. Standard multi-mode cleaning module, when ultrasonic used in different cleaning occasions, can be switched by the panel function key. For example, for optics, hardware, electronics and so on can choose the corresponding mode, for ultrasonic vibration difficult alcohol or pure water can also choose the corresponding mode. In order to achieve better cleaning effect. (Different cleaning conditions require different detailed parameters of the generator, the current market generators are standard configuration, it is difficult to achieve a variety of operating conditions compatible, which requires technical personnel door-to-door debugging, greatly increasing the cost of personnel.)

power adjustment ultrasonic generator 1000W/2000W

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