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ultrasonic generator for tank 28khz/40khz

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1. The higher than 20KHZ audio signal produced by ultrasonic generator is converted into mechanical oscillation of the same frequency by the inverse piezoelectric effect of transducer and radiated in the cleaning solution in the form of ultrasonic longitudinal wave. Because of the alternation of positive pressure and negative pressure of ultrasonic P-wave propagation, numerous micro-bubbles of over 1000 atmospheric pressure are produced and exploded at any time, forming a fine local high-pressure bombardment on the surface of the cleaning material, which makes the dirt on the surface of the object and in the cracks peel off rapidly. This is the "cavitation effect" peculiar to ultrasonic cleaning.
2. Ultrasound generator adopts IGBT other-excitation oscillation circuit structure which is the world's leading, and its output power increases by more than 10% compared with the former self-excitation oscillation circuit structure.
3. the working voltage of the ultrasonic generator is AC220 + 10V. The ultrasonic generator has protective measures such as overvoltage, over current, short circuit output and so on. Ultrasound generator has the function of frequency auto-regulation. Under different working conditions, the transducer always works in the best state, the transducer efficiency reaches the maximum, and the best effect can be achieved under different working conditions.
4. The ultrasonic generator has the function of automatic frequency sweeping. Through the ultrasonic frequency sweeping in a reasonable range during the cleaning process, the cleaning fluid is driven to form a fine reflux, so that the dirt of the workpiece can be removed from the surface of the workpiece rapidly while being stripped by ultrasonic, and the cleaning efficiency is improved.
5. The ultrasonic generator has the function of power regulation. The output power can be adjusted continuously from 10% to 100% to meet the requirements of various cleaning objects.
ultrasonic generator for tank 28khz/40khz

ultrasonic generator for tank 28khz/40khz

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