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ultrasonic power supply circuit 28khz/40khz

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ultrasonic power supply circuit characteristics:
1. All IGBT power output components are imported devices, which have the advantages of small size, large power and fast response.
2. The latest excitation control circuit, the output power up to 93%, so that the ultrasonic cavitation density has been greatly improved;
3, the output current is sine wave, which can extend the life of transducer and generator itself.
4. The digital frequency synthesizer technology controlled by microcomputer is adopted, and the ultrasonic power is continuously adjustable (digital display).
5. Perfect protection function: over-heat and over-current protection, and also equipped with four-bit timer to make time control accurate to seconds.
It has the function of sweeping frequency.
Circuit board and shock head wiring instructions:
1. circuit boards can not be energized without load.
2. when installed and cleaned, it can not be electrified without any cleaning solution.
3. Two wiring plates at the head of the quake, the wiring plates in the middle of the two ceramic plates are positive poles, and those on the upper and lower metal columns are negative poles.
4. The silver layer on one side of the transducer ceramics sheet is negative electrode, the larger silver layer on the other side is positive electrode, and the smaller silver layer is negative plate. The silver layer is not high temperature resistant. When welding the power cord, the temperature of the soldering iron should not exceed 280 degrees. It is better to use the constant temperature soldering iron, and set the temperature of the soldering iron to 250 degrees.
5. The larger side of the shaker head (with a screw hole) can be adhered to the bottom of the cleaning basin for the shaking surface, and the cleaning basin should be grounded reliably.
6. Shaker head or transducer ceramic sheet can be firmly adhered to the bottom of the cleaning basin by using shaker head adhesive or AB adhesive, but the effect is slightly poor, such as using epoxy resin ratio of 10:4 can be;
7. When OUT + connects transducer (seismon) positive pole, OUT - connects transducer (seismon) negative pole, OUT positive and negative pole respectively connects with transducer (seismon) positive and negative pole, remember not to connect wrong.
(Note: The lowest voltage on the circuit board is 600V, the output voltage is 1100V, to pay attention to safety, input power supply had better have leakage protection switch to ensure safety! )
Consult in time and ensure safety.
8. When the circuit board is working, the minimum voltage on the board is 600V, and the voltage output to the transducer is 1100V. Be sure to grounding the cleaning basin reliably and have a leakage protection switch on the power supply to ensure safety.
Driving power 50W-60W 100W-120W 200-300W 500W-600W
Power control 0-100%Frequency is adjustable 0-100%
Frequency is adjustable
Frequency is adjustable
Frequency is adjustable
Working voltage AC220V 10% 50HZ AC220V 10% 50HZ AC220V 10% 50HZ AC220V 10% 50HZ
Ampere meter 3A 3A 3A 3A
0.3A 0.45A 1A 2A
0-40℃ 0-40℃ 0-40℃ 0-40℃
Relative humidity 40%-90% 40%-90% 40%-90% 40%-90%
Product N.W 4.0KG 2.6KG 12KG 12KG
size 205×155×92 235×155×105 410×400×155 410×400×155
ultrasonic power supply circuit 28khz/40khz

ultrasonic power supply circuit 28khz/40khz

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