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Application of ultrasound in food industry

2018-09-16 22:29 admin
Ultrasound can be used to cut cakes, pies, cheese, pizza, bread, candy and other foods, cutting surface clean and flat. When food, such as nuts or raisins, is cut with ultrasonic equipment, it can produce smaller breaks than traditional cutting techniques. Therefore, ultrasonic cutting of food has more advantages than traditional methods: clean and smooth cutting surface, cutting knife life is longer, more importantly, can reduce the time to stop production due to cleaning and maintenance.           

When cutting food, the ultrasonic cutting knife vibrates at 20 kHz (or 30/40 kHz) so that the food residue will not remain on the knife surface. The food surface after cutting is very clean, and the separation between layers is kept clear. The latest research shows that ultrasonic cutting knives at higher frequencies (30 and 40 kHz) are the best for cutting hot and sticky foods, and there is no noise throughout the processing.           

Ultrasound cutting system due to routine cleaning and maintenance caused by the shutdown time can be reduced by 70% to 90% than the traditional equipment. Customers who use traditional cutting equipment want to use ultrasonic technology to process food only need to make minor changes to existing equipment, or introduce a new system design on the basis of existing production design. In this regard, we have very rich experience.

Application of ultrasound in food industry

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