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Application of ultrasound in medical treatment

2018-09-16 22:28 admin
The application of ultrasound in medical treatment:
Ultrasound therapy is an important part of ultrasound medicine. Ultrasound can treat diseases and promote the recovery of the body. Ultrasonic energy is applied to the lesion of human body during ultrasound treatment.
Ultrasound is widely used in diagnostics, therapeutics, engineering, biology and other fields.
(I) engineering applications: underwater positioning and communication, underground resource exploration, etc.
Two) biological applications: shear macromolecules, bioengineering and disposal of seeds.
Three) diagnostic applications: type A, B, M, D, duplex and color Doppler ultrasound.
Four) the application of therapeutics: physiotherapy, cancer treatment, surgery, extracorporeal lithotripsy, dentistry and so on.
The characteristics of ultrasound are:
The direction is strong, when the ultrasonic wave is conveyed, the energy is easy to concentrate.
It can convey enough distance, and ultrasonic waves can propagate in different media.
It is easy to carry information about the state of sound transmitting medium (diagnosis or effect on sound transmission medium).
It can be used as a carrier or medium for detecting and loading information (e. g. B ultrasound etc. for diagnosis); ultrasonic is also a form of energy, ultrasonic is a form of wave. When its intensity exceeds a certain value, it can be affected by the interaction with the medium that transmits ultrasonic waves to change the state, nature and structure of the latter (used as treatment). Application of ultrasound in medical treatment

Application of ultrasound in medical treatment

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