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homemade ultrasonic cleaning solution

homemade ultrasonic cleaning solution
homemade ultrasonic cleaning solution
Ultrasonic shock plate easy to use, the main feature style, easy maintenance, easy to install, suitable for large-scale optical automatic washing machine, manual ultrasonic cleaning machines and other mobile glass installation on the device. Features: All stainless steel, acid and alkali resistant, beautiful and durable. Using split structure, shock plate and ultrasonic fat

 Students between the use of high-frequency cable with a socket, use and maintenance are easy.
 Installation layout flexibility. According to need, arranged in radiating the ultrasonic cleaning tank bottom, side or top.

 He oscillating circuit board structure;
 Ultrasonic output frequency can be fine-tuned according to different work
 Ultrasonic generator with frequency tuning function, the adjustment range of 2%, in different working conditions slightly adjusted so that the transducer is always in the best condition, the maximum conversion efficiency at different operating conditions to achieve the most good effect.

 Ultrasonic generator overvoltage, overcurrent, output short circuit protection;
 Ultrasonic generator with a frequency sweep function, by ultrasound in the cleaning process in a reasonable range of the frequency sweep back and forth, driving the formation of fine cleaning fluid return, so that the workpiece is ultrasound in the dirt quickly while stripping away the surface, to improve cleaning efficiency.
 Ultrasonic frequency sweep line; ultrasonic output power adjustable side continued, the range of 10-100%;
 Equipment looks so beautiful, fine, easy to repair, maintenance, convenience for the emergency.

 Scope of application (can be customized according to the actual situation of the workpiece):
 Cylinder head, cylinder liner, piston, piston rings, bearings, shock absorbers, driers bottom shell, metal stamping parts, compressor parts, bearing kits, heat exchangers, air-conditioner pipe fittings, condenser, radiator, engine zero parts, oil pump and nozzle, starter parts, brake pump parts, spring, train ventilation hood ventilator,

 Brass, stainless steel cutlery, magnetic materials, valve rod, rocker shaft, gearbox, axles, tubing, plate, pipe fittings, aluminum flat tube, plating pre-treatment, circuit boards, filters, chemical industry, spray wire panels, silk screen, watch parts, hardware tools, precision machinery parts, lenses, spectacle frames,

 Cleaning of glassware and other products. homemade ultrasonic cleaning solution




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