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piezoelectric transducer ultrasound

piezoelectric transducer ultrasound
piezoelectric transducer ultrasound
Ultrasonic transducer is the sound energy to electrical energy conversion with the device, it is to determine the basic performance of ultrasound equipment, the most important devices. With the materials science and electronics engineering development, the ultrasonic transducer has grown up, and make a significant contribution to engineering applications.
piezoelectric transducer ultrasound

UCE ultrasonic transducers, piezoelectric ceramic components using high-quality imported materials, carefully designed, processed with a large amplitude, electro-acoustic conversion rate, heat a small, high reliability, consistent, stable performance, long life and so on.
piezoelectric transducer ultrasound

piezoelectric transducer ultrasound FAQ:

1,the ultrasonic oscillator damp, you can use the megger check with the transducer connected to the plug, check the insulation resistance value can determine the basic conditions, general requirements for insulation resistance greater than 5 megohms minimum. If you reach the insulation resistance value, the transducer is generally damp, the transducer can be a whole (excluding spray case) into the drying oven set 100 ℃, 3 hours or use the hair dryer to wave to the resistance to normal.
2,the transducer oscillator ignition, ceramic fragments, can be combined with the naked eye and megger checks, usually as an emergency treatment measures can damage the individual oscillator is disconnected, will not affect the normal use of the other oscillator.
 3, the oscillator unglued, our transducers is the use of cement, screw fastening double assurance process, under normal circumstances this occurs.
4,perforated stainless steel vibrating surface, the general use of full load transducer 10 years perforation may occur the case of surface vibration.
piezoelectric transducer ultrasound
Mainly used with ultrasonic plastic welding machine, ultrasonic metal welding machine, ultrasonic cleaning machines, air cameras, triclosan machines.piezoelectric transducer ultrasound




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Piezo ceramic(PZT) ring chip for industrial ultrasonic cleaner Piezo Ceramic(PZT) chip for Ultrasonic Welding Machine

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