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Barium titanate piezoelectric ceramics

Barium titanate piezoelectric ceramics
Barium titanate piezoelectric ceramics
Prepared by coagulation of micron flake BaTiO3 as a template, using the template grain growth (TGG) was prepared barium titanate (referred to as BT), sodium bismuth titanate (referred to as NBT), sodium niobate (referred to as NKN) weave structure of the ceramic; studied BaTiO3 template for these types of textured ceramics organization and performance. The results are as follows:
(1) were prepared by the solidification of anisotropic BaTiO3 template. Template was a large-size sheet form, length film about 10-20μm, about the thickness of about 2μm, thickness to diameter ratio of about 5-10:1.
(2) The casting process to achieve alignment of the template. Film thickness of 200μm, the template in the cast film in the more obvious preferred orientation.
(3) sheet template BaTiO3 ceramic substrate can induce oriented growth of NBT in order to achieve the textured. BaTiO3 template addition is 15% preparation of the textured ceramic high density, relative bulk density of 90.2%. Sintering temperature of 1175 ℃, the ceramic high degree of texture, (200) diffraction peak of relative height to be 76.7%.
(4) Chip NKN ceramic BaTiO3 crystal template can induce the growth of dependence on their surface, so NKN ceramic grain orientation. As the sintering temperature, NKN ceramics to improve the degree of texture. Template addition is 25%, sintered at 1180 ℃, d33 value reached 69 pC / N.
(5) sheet template can induce BT ceramic BaTiO3 to form the textured morphology, but the piezoelectric and dielectric properties of low sintering process more difficult.

Barium titanate piezoelectric ceramics
 Titanate-containing single or multi-pearl pigments, the pigments including iron and titanium dioxide when needed and / or iron oxide, which is heated by hydrolysis of titanium compounds in aqueous solution in a continuous belt curing, stripping layer formed by wet process using iron oxide in the middle after drying or without intermediate drying of the coating obtained under the conditions of titanium dioxide films in a temperature not lower than 700 ℃, the atmosphere in the oxidation or reduction will be obtained drying and calcining the material obtained, the coating of titanium dioxide and iron oxide coating thickness to be adjusted to achieve the formation of false or brookite titanium ilmenite and iron required stoichiometric ratio between the existence of excess or iron oxide or titanium dioxide.




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