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UCE ultrasonic cleaning services

Principle of ultrasonic cleaning ultrasonic cleaning service
Issued by the ultrasonic generator frequency oscillation signal by the transducer and converted into high frequency mechanical vibration transmitted to the media --- cleaning solvents, ultrasonic cleaning fluid density and white in the forward radiation, so that the liquid flow generated Tens of thousands of 50-500μm in diameter of small bubbles, the bubbles in the ultrasonic longitudinal spread of negative pressure zone formation, growth, and rapidly closed in positive zone, in which is called "cavitation" effect of the process , the bubbles can form closed hundreds of degrees of heat and pressure of the moment more than 1000 high-pressure, continuous pressure to generate an instant as a series of small "explosion" continue to impact the surface of the object, the object's surface and the cracks in the dirt falling off rapidly, to achieve the object surface cleaning purposes.

Ultrasonic Cleaner By Industry:
Surface treatment industry, metal industry, optical industry, watch industry, electronics industry, precision parts industries

Ultrasonic cleaning process
Cleaning is the removal of liquid and solid on the surface contaminants, so that the clean surface up to a certain extent. Cleaning process is cleaning media, contaminants, surface interactions between the three, is a complex physical, chemical process. Cleaning and pollution not only the nature, type, morphology, and the degree of adhesion, and the physical and chemical properties of cleaning media, cleaning performance, workpiece material, surface state, but also with cleaning conditions such as temperature, pressure, and an additional ultrasonic vibration, mechanical b
External and other factors. Traditional cleaning methods are impregnated cleaning, jet washing, jet washing, scrubbing, spray cleaning, spray cleaning, vacuum cleaning and high pressure water jet cleaning, and ultrasonic cleaning is the international community recognized the most advanced cleaning method. Ultrasonic cleaning is a kind of physical effects (cavitation) associated with the cleaning agent (chemical reaction) or related cleaning method, the effect is even more remarkable. So choose a scientific and rational cleaning process, process analysis must be carried out.
For example: cleaning agent (ultrasound) → City water (ultrasonic) → pure water (ultrasonic) → warm water (ultrasonic) → [optional drying temperature and air drying, vacuum drying].

Ultrasonic features:
Ultrasonic cleaning and various chemical, physical, electrochemical and physico-chemical cleaning methods of comparison, has the following unique advantages:
◆ quickly and thoroughly remove all dirt on the surface.
◆ can be cleaned with a cavity, trench and other forms of complex precision parts, on the surface without damage.
◆ can effectively reduce pollution, reduce toxic solvents on the human body damage.
◆ a variety of cleaning agents can be used, depending on the solvent to achieve different effects, such as: degreasing, descaling or phosphate.
◆ a significant reduction in labor intensity, to eliminate hidden dangers, such as: to save solvents, clean paper, energy, and labor and other workplace.




piezo Transducer                                        ultrasonic welding transducer

Ultrasonic Cleaner                                      ultrasonic generator

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Piezo ceramic(PZT) ring chip for industrial ultrasonic cleaner Piezo Ceramic(PZT) chip for Ultrasonic Welding Machine

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