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gear axis ultrasonic cleaner machine

gear axis ultrasonic cleaner machine
gear axis ultrasonic cleaner machine
Type:UCE-GXUCM gear axis ultrasonic cleaner machine

Mainly applied to the shaft blind hole more sophisticated hardware and cleaning,

Using degreasers + City water + rust inhibitor, high tunnel WO dry efficiency.

Japan Mitsubishi PLC programming, LG LCD cleaning set arbitrarily. The configuration of the rotation system and a special rotating basket, can completely guarantee the blind hole dirt cleaning WO net. Configuration air mixing system can ensure complete removal of dirt. Far infrared tunnel the WO dry system, built-in transport wind institutions guarantee the the workpiece quickly WO dry. Configuration since ground to add the a rust inhibitor circulatory system, metal parts cleaning process is not oxidized. Japan NTK imported transducer, with the seventh generation of German technology Yan Fasheng ensure the output intensity is strong enough to move.

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