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submersible ultrasonic cleaner transducers 300W/600W

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submersible ultrasonic cleaner transducers 300W/600W
The scope of application of ultrasonic vibration plate is as follows:
1. Machinery industry: removal of rust-proof grease; cleaning of measuring tools; oil and rust removal of mechanical parts; cleaning of engines, carburetors and automotive parts; dredging and cleaning of filters and filters, etc. Especially in the railway industry, it is very suitable for degreasing and decontamination of air conditioning in train compartments, rust removal, degreasing and rust prevention of various components of train head.
2. Surface treatment industry: degreasing and rust removal before electroplating; cleaning before ion plating; phosphating treatment; removal of coke deposits; removal of oxide scales; removal of polishing paste; surface activation treatment of metal workpieces, etc.
3. Instrument industry: cleaning of precision parts before assembly with high cleanliness.
4. Electronics industry: Printed circuit boards except rosin, weld spot; high-voltage contacts and other mechanical and electronic parts cleaning.
5. Medical industry: cleaning, disinfection, sterilization of medical instruments, cleaning of test utensils, etc.
6. Semiconductor industry: high cleanliness cleaning of semiconductor wafers.
7. Clock and Watch Jewelry industry: remove sludge, dust, oxide layer, polishing paste, etc.
8. Chemical and biological industries: cleaning and descaling of laboratory utensils.
9. Optical industry: oil removal, sweat removal and ash removal of optical devices.
10. Textile printing and dyeing industry: cleaning textile spindles, spinnerets, etc.
11. Petrochemical industry: cleaning and dredging of metal filters, cleaning of chemical containers and exchangers, etc.
12. Others: Photosensitive material manufacturing, papermaking, defoaming of liquids in some food fields (removal of dissolved air).
Type Diamention(mm) Frequency (Khz) Power(W) Ultrasonic Transducer
UCE-UITP300W 300*190*100 25,28,33,40,80,130 300 6
UCE-UITP600W 360*275*100 25,28,33,40,80,130 600 12
UCE-UITP1000W 450*350*100 25,28,33,40,80,130 1000 20
UCE-UITP1200W 470*380*100 25,28,33,40,80,130 1200 24
UCE-UITP1500W 520*450*100 25,28,33,40,80,130 1500 30
UCE-UITP1800W 560*450*100 25,28,33,40,80,130 1800 36
UCE-UITP2000W 650*450*100 25,28,33,40,80,130 2000 40
UCE-UITP2400W 740*520*100 25,28,33,40,80,130 2400 48
UCE-UITP3000W 820*540*100 25,28,33,40,80,130 3000 60
UCE-UITP5000W 1200*590*100 25,28,33,40,80,130 5000 100
OEM Ultrasonic Immersible Transducer Pack(Size, Frequency,Power) 
submersible ultrasonic cleaner transducers 300W/600W

submersible ultrasonic cleaner transducers 300W/600W

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