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Immersion Underwater Ultrasonic Cleaner 28khz/40khz transducer

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Immersion Underwater Ultrasonic Cleaner 28khz/40khz transducer
Ultrasound cleaning vibration plate is an ultrasonic cleaning device which is made up of ultrasonic generator and ultrasonic transducer in stainless steel box. It is suitable to be placed in various cleaning tanks.
In the specific working environment, besides the special specifications of the ultrasonic cleaning machine, the existing equipment can also be converted into the ultrasonic cleaning machine by using the input vibration plate device, so as to achieve the purpose of ultrasonic cleaning. The size of vibration plate and the direction of lead pipe can be made into three types: bottom vibration type, side vibration type and suspension type according to different installation positions.
1. Imported transducer with high quality and high performance and unique ultrasonic generator are adopted. The cleaning power is strong and the performance is stable.
2. It is made of 304/316L (2.5mm) stainless steel plate with hard chromium plating, acid and alkali resistance, good sealing, beautiful appearance and convenient maintenance.
3. The design of harmonic matching between the ultrasonic vibration plate and the ultrasonic generator is convenient to use and easy to maintain.
4. The ultrasonic power is stable and equipped with an independent controller (electric box) to facilitate the movement of the equipment.
Type Diamention(mm) Frequency (Khz) Power(W) Ultrasonic Transducer
UCE-UITP300W 300*190*100 25,28,33,40,80,130 300 6
UCE-UITP600W 360*275*100 25,28,33,40,80,130 600 12
UCE-UITP1000W 450*350*100 25,28,33,40,80,130 1000 20
UCE-UITP1200W 470*380*100 25,28,33,40,80,130 1200 24
UCE-UITP1500W 520*450*100 25,28,33,40,80,130 1500 30
UCE-UITP1800W 560*450*100 25,28,33,40,80,130 1800 36
UCE-UITP2000W 650*450*100 25,28,33,40,80,130 2000 40
UCE-UITP2400W 740*520*100 25,28,33,40,80,130 2400 48
UCE-UITP3000W 820*540*100 25,28,33,40,80,130 3000 60
UCE-UITP5000W 1200*590*100 25,28,33,40,80,130 5000 100
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Immersion Underwater Ultrasonic Cleaner 28khz/40khz transducer

Immersion Underwater Ultrasonic Cleaner 28khz/40khz transducer

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