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portable ultrasonic welder for plastic 28khz/35khz

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Working principle of ultrasonic spot welding machine
Ultrasound manual welding machine transfers ultrasonic energy to the welding area through the upper weld. Because of the large acoustic resistance in the welding area, which is the interface of two welding, local high temperature will occur. Because of the poor thermal conductivity of the plastics, they can not be released in time, and gather in the welding area, resulting in the rapid melting of the two plastic contact surface, plus a certain pressure, so that it merges into one. When the ultrasound stops, the pressure lasts for a few seconds to solidify, forming a strong chain of molecules that can be welded to a strength close to that of the raw material.
[ultrasonic spot welder] application area:
Mingpeng ultrasonic hand-held spot welding machine is suitable for industries: plastic, toys, clothing, electronics, electrical appliances, automotive accessories, packaging, environmental protection, medical machinery, using small area heating and small worktable design, lightweight body, lengthened linear bearings so that the machine movement stability is high, suitable for welding precision workpieces.
[ultrasonic spot welder] after sales service
Thank you for choosing our hot melt products, this product strictly in accordance with the ISO 9001 national quality system standards for quality control. The whole machine is guaranteed for one year, followed by life-long maintenance. From the date of purchase, the company will be responsible for free maintenance of the product due to non-human damage within one year.
Type power
Frequency Welding time Contains
UCE-HH300W 300W 20khz,28khz,30khz,35khz,40khz 0.1-3sec generator , transducer ,horn,head
UCE-HH500W 500W 20khz,28khz,30khz 0.1-3sec generator , transducer ,horn,head
UCE-HH900W 900W 20khz,28khz,30khz 0.1-3sec generator , transducer ,horn,head
UCE-HH1000W 1000W 20khz,28khz 0.1-3sec generator , transducer ,horn,head
UCE-HH1200W 1200W 20khz,28khz 0.1-3sec generator , transducer ,horn,head
portable ultrasonic welder for plastic 28khz/35khz

portable ultrasonic welder for plastic 28khz/35khz

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