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ultrasonic plastic spot welding 28khz/40khz

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[ultrasonic spot welding] operation method:
Firstly, connect the ultrasonic output plug, connect 220V power supply after plugging in the power plug, turn on the power switch (power indicator light), and adjust the panel time according to the product requirements. Pick up the handle and press the handle button to check if the ultrasound is normal {the ammeter on the panel is normal at 0.5A unload}. When the product is operated, the ultrasonic handle is placed vertically on the product, and the handle button is pressed at the same time when the force is applied. At this time, the ultrasonic wave is sent to the set time and the product is welded. After the production task is completed, turn off the power supply.
[ultrasonic spot welder] features of the whole machine
The machine is light and compact, easy to be retractable.
The welding head part is hand-held, flexible and convenient to operate.
It is suitable for chain welding, spot welding, sewing and welding.
It has unique effect on multi-point riveting of irregular plastic products.
1/ quality components:
High quality ultrasonic transducer has strong power and good stability. The whole machine is ingenious in design and small in volume and does not occupy space. The product is powerful, powerful and stable. The main parts are assembled with high quality imported parts, with slight noise and environmental protection.
2/ Efficient and cost saving/ Each welding time 0.01-999 seconds adjustable / can withstand enough tension, strength adjustable / welding effect is exquisite, not burning, not burning black / no glue, saving material labor cost reduction, simple and convenient operation.
3/ tough and wear-resistant alloy plastic structure:
The handle is made of high temperature resistant molecule material combined with titanium alloy welding head. It has super toughness, durability and flame retardancy. It has good dustproof function. The welding head adopts strong and high quality oscillator and is durable.
Type power
Frequency Welding time Contains
UCE-HH300W 300W 20khz,28khz,30khz,35khz,40khz 0.1-3sec generator , transducer ,horn,head
UCE-HH500W 500W 20khz,28khz,30khz 0.1-3sec generator , transducer ,horn,head
UCE-HH900W 900W 20khz,28khz,30khz 0.1-3sec generator , transducer ,horn,head
UCE-HH1000W 1000W 20khz,28khz 0.1-3sec generator , transducer ,horn,head
UCE-HH1200W 1200W 20khz,28khz 0.1-3sec generator , transducer ,horn,head
ultrasonic plastic spot welding 28khz/40khz

ultrasonic plastic spot welding 28khz/40khz

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