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ultrasonic plastic spot welding for plastic fabric PVC PP PE

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ultrasonic plastic spot welding for plastic fabric PVC PP PE
Application method of hand-held ultrasonic spot welding machine:
1. Welding method: Under moderate pressure, the weld joint of two pieces of plastic can produce friction heat and instantaneous melting. The welding strength can be comparable to that of the body. The water and air tightness can be achieved by adopting suitable workpiece and reasonable interface design, and the inconvenience caused by using auxiliary products can be avoided. To achieve efficient and clean welding (details such as?).
2. Riveting welding method: the welding head of supersonic ultra-high frequency vibration is pressed on the prominent tip of plastic products, which instantly heat and melt into rivet shape, so that different materials are mechanically riveted together. 3. Embedding: With the propaganda of the welding head and appropriate pressure, metal parts (such as nuts, screw, etc.) are instantaneously squeezed into the reserved plastic holes and fixed in a certain depth. After completion, the tensile force and torsional force can be comparable to the strength of the traditional mold, which can avoid the shortcomings of damage to the injection mold and slow injection.
4. Forming: This method is similar to riveting method. The concave weld head is pressed on the outer ring of plastic products. After the weld head is exposed to ultra-high frequency ultrasonic vibration, the plastic is melted and coated on the metal parts to make them fixed, and the appearance is smooth and beautiful. This method is mostly used in the fixed forming of electronic products, horns and cosmetics. Classification.
5. Spot welding: A. Spot welding of two pieces of plastic does not require pre-designed welding wires to achieve the purpose of welding. B. Compared with large workpieces, it is not easy to design welding wires for spot welding, so as to achieve the welding effect, multi-spot welding can be carried out at the same time.
6. Cutting Seal: Using the working principle of instantaneous vibration of ultrasonic wave to cut chemical fibre fabrics, its advantages are smooth cut, no cracking and no drawing.
Type power
Frequency Welding time Contains
UCE-HH300W 300W 20khz,28khz,30khz,35khz,40khz 0.1-3sec generator , transducer ,horn,head
UCE-HH500W 500W 20khz,28khz,30khz 0.1-3sec generator , transducer ,horn,head
UCE-HH900W 900W 20khz,28khz,30khz 0.1-3sec generator , transducer ,horn,head
UCE-HH1000W 1000W 20khz,28khz 0.1-3sec generator , transducer ,horn,head
UCE-HH1200W 1200W 20khz,28khz 0.1-3sec generator , transducer ,horn,head
ultrasonic plastic spot welding for plastic fabric PVC PP PE

ultrasonic plastic spot welding for plastic fabric PVC PP PE

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