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UCE ultrasonic as "quality assurance, honesty defensive reputation" as the life, the trust of customers as the driving force, constantly improve product quality, product development, market development in pursuit of the company's continuous development. Staff of "harmony, innovation, integrity and pragmatic" team every success.

 Ultrasonic generator pictures  Piezoelectric Ceramic pictures
Ultrasonic generator pictures Piezoelectric Ceramic pictures
 Ultrasonic Transducer pictures  Ultrasonic immersible pack pictures
Ultrasonic Transducer pictures Ultrasonic immersible pack pictures




piezo Transducer                                        ultrasonic welding transducer

Ultrasonic Cleaner                                      ultrasonic generator

ultrasonic cleaning machine                             ultrasonic single tank cleaner

US equipment for biodiesel                              Ultrasonic reactor for biodiesel

ultrasonic transducer circuit                           ultrasonic welding generator

ultrasonic immersible pack

Piezo ceramic(PZT) ring chip for industrial ultrasonic cleaner Piezo Ceramic(PZT) chip for Ultrasonic Welding Machine

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