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Lead-free piezoelectric ceramic

Lead-free piezoelectric ceramic
Lead-free piezoelectric ceramic
Piezoelectric ceramic components to achieve all kinds of electro-mechanical coupling is an important functional materials, widely used in various electronic information products. Existing technology of piezoelectric ceramics to lead zirconate titanate (PZT) ceramics contain lead as a typical representative of the people and harmful to the environment. To this end, as early as the 1960s scientists began a study of lead-free piezoelectric ceramics, in particular, the EU adopted legislation in 2002 defined between 2006 and 2008 will restrict the use of lead-containing piezoelectric devices, further exacerbating China, Japan, the United States, the European Materials Research among the fierce competition of the study, once mastered developed lead-free piezoelectric ceramic material formulations and preparation techniques, which will undoubtedly restrict the use of existing lead piezoelectric ceramic material , China's electronic information industry is bound to have great impact. To this end, the development of China has independent intellectual property rights and environment-friendly piezoelectric ceramic materials has become a priority.

In recent years, companies based in the environmentally friendly lead-free piezoelectric ceramic materials research has made significant progress in urgent need of the introduction of professional elite team to tackle technical problems or technical work, as soon as possible in order to lead-free piezoelectric ceramics industry, and in Guangdong advantage of the region's first industrial use of small appliances, to enter the international market.
Lead-free piezoelectric ceramic

Jobs in this project the key technical problems to be solved as follows:

1, lead-free niobium sodium potassium (NKN)-based piezoelectric ceramics function parameters: how to take into account the densification and microstructure optimization at the same time, through the two-phase coexistence and phase composition optimized to achieve substantial increase in piezoelectric properties , the specific parameters required to achieve the following functions:

(1) NKN ceramics sintered density: 4.2g/cm3, the relative density of 92%;

(2) NKN piezoelectric ceramic piezoelectric constant: 250pC / N or more;

(3) Curie temperature: 380 ℃;

(4) the coercive field: 9kV/cm;

(5) remanent polarization: 15μC/cm2.

2, lead-free niobium sodium potassium (NKN)-based piezoelectric ceramics of large-scale production process: how to control the chemical composition of the sintering process variation to achieve precise control of composition of the phase transition, in 0 ≤ a ≤ 1.5 (sodium, potassium The value of the mole fraction range) within the detailed study of the composition preparation process, sodium and potassium measurement and non-stoichiometric ratio, doped elements and the impact of doping on the structure, summarized NKN ceramics with the same type of quasi- community composition region.

3, lead-free niobium sodium potassium (NKN)-based piezoelectric ceramic applications: how to improve the lead-free piezoelectric ceramics used in electronic ignition, ultrasonic cleaning machines and other devices in the performance of transducer and matching technology.
Lead-free piezoelectric ceramic

Conventional ceramic preparation methods, preparation of a kind of new lead-free piezoelectric perovskite ceramics (1-x) (Na1/2Bi1/2) TiO3-x (Na1/2Bi1/2) (Sb1/2Nb1/2) O3 (T = 0 ~ 1.4%, molar fraction). Study (Na1/22Bi1/2) TiO3 (NBT) ceramic composite B-ion (Sb1/2Nb1/2) ^ 4 + instead of on the dielectric and piezoelectric properties. X-ray diffraction analysis showed that the composition of the study can form a pure perovskite (ABO3)-type solid solution. The dielectric constant of ceramic materials - temperature curve in the heating process, ceramic dielectric constant temperature, there are two peaks in different frequency dielectric constant of ceramic materials - material temperature curve shows that the system has obvious relaxor characteristics. Detection of the piezoelectric properties of ceramics of different composition and found that the piezoelectric material constants d33, the thickness electromechanical coupling factor and dielectric constant εr kl value increases as x increases first and then decrease, in the x = 0.8%, the ceramics d33 = 97pC / N, kr = 0.50, for the study of the composition of the maximum dielectric loss tan δ with x value is increased.




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