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ternary system piezoelectric ceramics

ternary system piezoelectric ceramics
ternary system piezoelectric ceramics
In a lanthanum oxide doped Pb (Cd_ (1 / 3) Nb_ (2 / 3)) _xTi_yZr_2O_3 ternary piezoelectric ceramic system, we have a triangle on the concentration of twenty points in the study, find a temperature stability of less than 0.15% of the piezoelectric ceramic formulations. Then manganese dioxide and cerium dioxide doped, obtained with high temperature stability and high electromechanical coupling coefficient and mechanical quality factor of the medium-PCN-17E piezoelectric ceramics. Prepared using the ceramic material can trap oscillator, and assembled around 10MC excellent high-frequency filter.
ternary system piezoelectric ceramics

 Three kinds of compounds formed ABO3 type piezoelectric ceramic ternary solid solution crystal phase ceramic-based materials. Than the binary system piezoelectric ceramics such as lead zirconate - lead titanate (PBZrO3-PbTiO3) has a wide range of firing temperature, low porosity and other characteristics. In PBZrO3-PbTiO3 binary system by adding a third component on the basis of various combinations, called "composite metal ion combinations." Ternary system piezoelectric ceramics used are: magnesium niobium lead acid system [xPb (Mg1/3Nb2/3) O3-yPbTiO3-zPbZrO3], niobium zinc acid lead series [xPb (Zn1/3Nb2/3) O3-yPbTiO3-zPbZrO3 ], niobium, manganese oxide, lead series [xPb (Mn1/3Nb2/3) O3-yPbTiO3-zPbZrO3], niobium antimony lead acid system [xPb (Sb1/2Nb1/2) O3-yPbZrO3], antimony, manganese oxide, lead series [xPb (Mn1/3Sb2/3) O3-yPbTiO3-zPbZrO3] and so on. In addition to using lead compounds as the third element, there are non-lead compounds. Such as A +1 B +5 O32-or A +3 B +3 O32-and so on. Many types of piezoelectric ceramic ternary system. In the three-component basis, then add a fourth or more of ABO3 type compounds, the composition of quaternary or multi-system piezoelectric ceramics. Its use is widespread. Can be used to make amplifiers, filters, transformers, ultrasonic delay lines, high-power acoustic transmitter and receiver, high-voltage components.
ternary system piezoelectric ceramics

 Soft Nb2O5 doped PMS-PZ-PT ternary system temperature stable piezoelectric properties of the experimental results show that the amount of doping can not only optimize the piezoelectric properties of the system, and improved temperature stability of the system. Change of ternary ceramics after the frequency shift is small, electromechanical coupling factor K31 temperature stability is better, while the piezoelectric constant d31 temperature stability has also been improved to meet the ultrasonic motor and other components of piezoelectric ceramic material performance requirements.ternary system piezoelectric ceramics




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