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piezoelectric tube pzt-4/pzt-5/pzt-8

piezoelectric tube pzt-4/pzt-5/pzt-8
piezoelectric tube pzt-4/pzt-5/pzt-8
I developed the pzt series of piezoelectric ceramic materials, the use of advanced production equipment and technology, the product has a large electromechanical coupling coefficient, high conversion efficiency, high Curie temperature, time and temperature variability, etc, and similar products in the domestic at the advanced level. Now produced a total of three categories of piezoelectric ceramic materials, namely:
piezoelectric tube pzt-4/pzt-5/pzt-8

1, high-power emission materials pzt-8 type
The piezoelectric material has good mechanical strength, high coercive field, high field low dielectric loss. It is mainly used for ultrasonic cleaning, powerful ultrasonic drilling, ultrasonic welding, scaler probe, beauty probes, ultrasonic scalpel probes, probes and other cardiovascular treatment.
2, high-sensitivity receiver pzt-5-type materials
The material has a high electromechanical coupling coefficient, the appropriate dielectric constant, high sensitivity. It is mainly used for high-sensitivity transducers, flow meters, transducers, liquid level gauge transducer, accelerometer transducer, ultrasonic transducer and so on.
3, transceiver type material pzt-4
The material between pzt-8 and between pzt-5, taking into account both the characteristics of high sensitivity, but also has a low dielectric loss, for transmitting power and at the same time do not receive the so-called transceivers for use transducer, choose the most suitable material.
piezoelectric tube pzt-4/pzt-5/pzt-8
piezoelectric tube pzt-4/pzt-5/pzt-8




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