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large ultrasonic atomizing transducer

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large ultrasonic atomizing transducer
1. The atomization effect is produced by the vibration of the atomizer up and down 1700KHZ.
2. The atomizer will stop working automatically if its maximum temperature is controlled at 55+3 degrees.
3. The atomizer water column represents the use of a capacitor. In the environment of good water quality, it is recommended to use the atomizer of steel water column. Only when the surrounding capacitance of steel water column is relatively high, can it automatically feel the operation. The environment with more scale will cause scale to accumulate around the water column, which will make the atomizer unable to work. The water quality with more scale is recommended as steel float atomizer. The steel float can work up and down mechanically, and can also operate normally in the environment with more scale.
4. When the atomizer is separated from water, there is the possibility of burning out immediately, which belongs to dry burning.





Water Rate






large ultrasonic atomizing transducer

large ultrasonic atomizing transducer

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