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Ultrasonic Washers generator for cleaning tank

2019-05-20 12:03 admin
Ultrasonic Washers generator for cleaning tank
Supporting equipment: ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic vibration plate, ultrasonic dishwasher, ultrasonic vibration screen, ultrasonic vibration rod, all equipment of ultrasonic cleaning industry.
Scope of application: all kinds of hardware, stainless steel products, ceramic sanitary ware, optical fiber ceramics, optical lenses, mobile phone glass lenses, electroplating factory cleaning, dishwash, precision hardware, LED industry, abrasives, engines, bearings, chemical extraction, extraction, stirring and so on.
ultrasonic generator  drive mode: Fuji IGBT (2MBI150VA-060-50600V) module drive; 150A super heavy load, high voltage and current resistance; reliable performance; low failure rate; stable output.
Ultrasound generator frequency range: 25KHz ~ 40Khz universal.
Power range: automatic sweep function. In the allowable range of power 10%-100% stepless adjustable.
Power control: Japan Sanshe SCR is used for power regulation, with stable performance.
Internal structure: Unique anti-corrosion design, not affected by the working environment, adapted to various workplaces.
Protection mode: Short circuit protection of vibration head, leakage protection and other functions. The advanced circuit, complete structure and sensitive and reliable integrated control system ensure the stable operation of the ultrasonic cleaner under various loads. The generator is compact in size, novel in appearance and easy to operate. Its product quality and technical level are comparable to those of similar products abroad. Once it is launched, it has attracted the attention of the peers and is welcomed by the vast number of users. All kinds of ultrasonic generators can work independently or in parallel with multiple groups to complete large-scale cleaning projects. The maintenance is simple. The chassis is equipped with cooling fans to force cold air to ensure the safety of long-term work. ,
Ultrasonic Washers generator for cleaning tankUltrasonic Washers generator for cleaning tank

Ultrasonic Washers generator for cleaning tank

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