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ultrasonic spot welder generator for Plastic welding

2019-05-28 16:07 admin
ultrasonic spot welder generator for Plastic welding
UCE's ultrasonic welding generator is widely used with ultrasonic plastic welding machine, ultrasonic metal welding machine, ultrasonic hand spot welding machine, ultrasonic emulsifier, non-woven bag making machine, stretcher, automatic bag making machine and so on... The complete set of imported parts of relevant equipment is easily competent for 24-hour continuous wave transmission of original IBGT power tube output power than all the same models on the market.
Ultrasound power supply characteristics:
1. Digital circuit: upgrade the ultrasonic welding machine. Traditional ultrasound generally adopts analog circuit, and after upgrading, it adopts digital circuit which only foreign high-end computers have.
2. Time mode: Using time welding mode, digital setting time can be input directly; digital parameter record with automatic correction function can achieve more accurate operation parameter setting.
4. Modulation mode: This mode is used to debug the die. In the process of debugging the die, in order to adjust the welding head and the die to make it sufficiently accurate, it is necessary to continuously control the rise and fall of the welding head.
5. Amplitude adjustable: During the welding process, the amplitude can be adjusted at any time, from 20% to 100%, accurate to 1%. The size of rubber parts can be perfectly welded, effectively reducing the wear, scald and other undesirable products.
Type Power(W) Frequency (KHz) Voltage
All of machine are available for opening remote control function to connect with your own PLC system
UCE-WTI-100W 100W 28khz/40khz 110V or220V
UCE-WTI-300W 300W 28khz/40khz 110V or220V
UCE-WTI-500W 500W 15KHz/20khz/28khz/40khz 110V or220V
UCE-WTI-900W 900W 15KHz/20khz/28khz 110V or220V
UCE- WTI-1500W 1500W 15KHz/20khz 110V or220V
UCE- WTI-1800W 1800W 15KHz/20khz 220V
UCE- WTI-2000W 2000W 15KHz/20khz 220V
UCE- WTI-2600W 2600W 15KHz 220V
UCE- WTI-3200W 3200W 15KHz 220V
UCE- WTI-4200W 4200W 15KHz 220V
ultrasonic spot welder generator for Plastic welding

ultrasonic spot welder generator for Plastic welding

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